Monday, June 7, 2010

Got Ovid? Classical knowledge base will assist in citing ancient Greek and Latin texts

Eric  Rebillard and librarians David Ruddy and Adam Chandler
Jason Koski/University Photography
From left, Eric Rebillard and librarians Adam Chandler and David Ruddy in Goldwin Smith Hall.

Scholars looking for multiple sources and translations from among 1,000 years of Greek and Latin texts will have a powerful new tool in their research arsenal with a database being developed at Cornell.

The Classical Works Knowledge Base (CWKB) -- a relational database and specialized link resolver software -- will facilitate linking from citations of ancient texts to the online versions of those texts. The database will ultimately cover all Latin and Greek authors from Homer to Bede, from approximately the eighth century B.C. to the mid-eighth century A.D.

Read full text of article in Cornell Chronicle


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